Greeting Card Printing


More companies are incorporating custom greeting cards into their marketing campaigns because printed greeting cards can be terrific marketing tools. Greeting cards are far more personal than most advertising items. Even among common direct mailing tools, such as postcards and brochures, greeting card printing is very powerful. Consider designing a greeting card printing campaign as part of your future marketing strategy for establishing that personal relationship with your customers.

There are some obvious times when sending custom greeting cards can be a good idea for your business. And then there are some less common times when sending print greeting cards can really have a tremendous impact on your customers. You can design different greeting card printing projects to produce different types of greeting cards. Here are some suggested ways to use your marketing greeting cards:

• Send greeting cards during holidays, such as Christmas or Thanks giving

• Use custom greeting cards to tell past customers “thank you” for their business

• Promote an upcoming event or sale with a greeting card campaign

• Use a custom greeting card to ask customers for feedback or for a referral


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