Foldover Business Cards


Folded, also called '"fold-over" business cards, are the perfect option when you have too much to say for standard business card printing. Our folded business cards can be printed on one side or both, giving you twice as much space to include important information about your business. Folded business cards are scored in the middle, for ease of folding down to standard business card size.

Business cards are a necessary and successful tool for marketing any business. The only drawback is that the promotional space is rather limited by the size of a standard business card. When handing out a standard card, it is entirely up to you to make sales pitch that can be remembered later when the prospect pulls out your card again, unless you choose to order foldover business cards. A folded business card will not only grab attention but also help your company be remembered. With the extra space available, folded business cards give you the room you need to include your main selling Points. Here are a few layout ideas to help you get started with your design:


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