Folded Postcards Printing


Folded post cards give you double the impact of a conventional post card. This versatile folded card can be perforated for use as a return mailer. A folded post card has twice the image area of a double-sided post card, thus allowing for twice the information. Because folded postcards mail at the lowest Standard Letter size postal rate, convert your existing newsletter, brochure or catalog to a folded postcard to save money without sacrificing Sales.

So many companies use postcards for their direct mail advertising, and it's easy to see why with their low cost and high return on investment. Even with their many benefits, postcards still come with a major disadvantage - the limited space. Some companies try to solve the real estate problem with a larger postcard, but this also increases mailing costs. Fortunately, there is a solution. Folded postcards not only provide more space to work with but can also retain the 4x6 size for cheap mailing. Below are five ideas that make the most of the extra space when designing folded postcards.

Printing folded postcards give you twice or triple the space of flat cards, but mail at the same postage rate.*

* All sizes mail at the lowest Standard automated rate for Letter sized mail.

* 6x8.5 half fold to 6x4.25 can mail at the Card rate only if it perfs, so that half of the card is used for reply only. It must also meet all USPS guidelines for Double Cards.


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